Space NK

Christmas 2018

Working with a luxurious festive colour pallet of metallic and brushed gold alongside deep green and purple; bespoke window and in-store display elements were designed in synchronicity with the Brand’s festive product packaging.


Elegant and arresting, hand crafted gold metal structures feature within all UK and USA stand-alone store windows, each providing a dexterous foundation for the challenge of a two-phase Christmas window scheme.  


The striking first phase of this window scheme combined decorative acrylic inserts, set amongst the vast array of product display, including central focus on the Brand’s beautifully designed advent calendar.

As the advent season begins on December 1st, the acrylic is switched out and each individual box is clad in exquisite matt and metallic panels, forming a sophisticated advent calendar in each store window.  Each numbered door of the ‘advent calendar’ is removed on its corresponding date to reveal a new product, spot lit from above to hero the product of the day in the lead up to Christmas eve.


In-store, and for USA concessions, the trio of colour, festive print and luxury finish continues into table top covers, contemporary product risers and stands.  The advent theme is playfully encouraged with decorative cubes numbered one to twenty-five, and finished in metallic golds, greens and purples using the same exceptionally stylish typography showcased in phase two window displays.


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