About us …

Sarah Feather Design is an award winning design agency based in Central London.

We offer our clients over 20 years experience in retail display, providing conceptual window design, production, manufacture, installation and large scale distribution to stores worldwide. Our highly skilled team deliver innovative, high impact brand solutions which enable our clients to increase footfall and sales whilst consistently reinforcing their brand identity. We have a broad scope of experience in producing both large global roll-outs and more bespoke design projects and installations.

Our relationship with a vast and varied network of suppliers across both the UK and the Far East, provides us with the ability to meet any and all client briefs, budgets and timelines. Our office in China allows us to source and sample ideas quickly and economically, facilitating unbeatable unit costs for mass production and hand crafting in-house. We have extensive working relationships with many specialist manufacturers, and all orders are independently quality controlled.

Our London studio boasts an innovative creative team of Designers, 3D Visualisers, skilled Craftsmen and Project Managers. Our portfolio of internationally renowned loyal clients are evidence of our reliability in successfully delivering dramatic and diverse displays.